Sunday, April 24, 2005

“Do you ever feel that you are just this far from being absolutely hysterical 24 hours a day?”

The Movie: Grand Canyon, 1991 (Lawrence Kasdan and Meg Kasdan, screenwriters; Lawrence Kasdan, dir.)
Who says it: Mary-Louise Parker as Dee, a legal secretary
The context: Dee has lunch with her best friend, Jane (Alfre Woodard)
How to use it: Seems like appropriate lunch conversation to me.

I drove down to Cambridge yesterday to get some work done with Mikki and drop in on Kate. I'd planned to take the bus, but the schedules didn't work, so I drove -- in the pouring rain, blasting Social Distortion and X in order to squeeze the last drop of satisfaction out of my road rage. I fully expect to be speeding down the highway with punk rock blowing out the speakers of my hovercraft when I am in my seventies. Heck, make that eighties; a fortune teller once told me I'd live to be 86, which still strikes me as unusually specific, although it doesn't sound as old now as it did then.

The rain has stopped long enough for me to dash out to Mass, so I'll go before it starts again.


tod goldberg said...

We missed you out at the festival -- but don't worry, we gossiped all the same...

Do you remember Elaine from your class? The pregnant lesbian psychotherapist? She came by with her child and said to say hello to one and all. If I remember, I'll forward on a photo.

AnswerGirl said...

sheesh, no... I remember the lawyer, Eileen, who was writing about the disappeared in Guatemala... but I DO want to know which former members of my class might now be dating!