Friday, January 05, 2007

What I Read This Week

Crashing on a deadline today and out of questions to answer, so this will be short. (Send me some questions, folks -- leave them in the comments section, or e-mail me at LambLetters -at-

Dan Simmons, The Terror. An epic horror novel about the doomed Sir John Franklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage, 1846-1849. It's not enough that they're frozen into the ice and darkness, with no means of communicating with the rest of the world and a rapidly-spoiling food supply; the men are being hunted by a monster who makes the ice its home. The only one who seems safe is the mysterious native woman Lady Silence, whose tongue is missing -- not cut off, but chewed. Fascinating, plausible, truly scary, a little long.

Jesse Kellerman, Trouble. Medical student Jonah Stem becomes a fifteen-minute hero when he saves a young woman from being killed on the street. But the NYPD wants to talk to him about the incident -- which left the woman's assailant dead -- the dead man's family is suing him, and the extra attention is just making his life harder. Then the woman herself shows up in Jonah's apartment, and his life is turned completely upside down. Trouble is a terrific, perceptive, paranoid thriller; I read it in a single sitting, which almost never happens any more.


Anna said...

Why is it that babies babble in the same language no matter what language people around them are talking? Wyatt babbles like every other baby I've ever heard babble. Even says ah-goo like What to Expect... says he will.

John Schramm of Tracy, CA said...

Hi Clare, and Happy New Year!

Here's a question for you:

Do cats know they're cats?

I got the idea when I showed one of my cats his refelction in a mirror. He stared for a few seconds and then tried to clamber.

This was the same cat, Cosmo, I wrote about on my blog (Feline Funny #1).

Anonymous said...

Is Jesse Kellerman related to John & Faye?