Sunday, April 15, 2007

A public service announcement from Dizzy



Did you hear me? I mean it! Right there!



Anonymous said...

Let Dizzy know that my Dad's dog, Tripod had alsonotices squrrls and

AnswerGirl said...

Dizzy rarely notices chipmunks, which is weird. I don't know whether they move too fast or travel under his plane of vision, but we've been on hikes where they passed almost under his nose, and he's paid no attention at all.

Cats are always subjects of interest, but squirrels are The Enemy.

Anonymous said...

Chipmonks hang out at the bird feer and taunt Tripod.
Eventhought Tripod lives with 2 cats, when a feral cat started hanging out near my dad's house, when Tripod got out, he chaed it and ran as fast on his three legs as I have ever seen any dog run on four.

Cats are an enigma