Saturday, August 18, 2007

How's the play going?

Who's asking: Various people

Great! In fact, you can read all about it here -- and make reservations by calling the number here.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic--and I understand that this is hiatus time, and that therefore everything is off-topic--but Anne and I saw "The Invasion the other night (not as bad as reviews and box-office indicate, but badly flawed towards the end) and all I could think about was how Nicole Kidman is a dead ringer for our own Clair L. Very distracting.


Scott P.

Diane Lawlis said...

Well, Clair reminds me Claire in the Claire Malloy mysteries. But that's not why I'm writing. I wanted to congratulate Clair on the play she just finished directing. Woo hoo!!

AnswerGirl said...

Aw, thanks, Scott ... I did use to look like Nicole Kidman, didn't I? Now I look like the middle-aged offspring of Nicole Kidman and Huckleberry Hound. I should probably do something about that...

...and thanks, Diane! What I didn't post was the Portland Phoenix review that raved about the acting but bashed my directing. I wanted to march the 45 miles to Portland and bop the reviewer on the head, mostly because I suspect she was right.