Tuesday, October 09, 2007

THIS DAY IN ROCK by John Tobler

The Book: John Tobler, THIS DAY IN ROCK: Day by Day Record of Rock's Biggest News Stories. Carroll & Graf trade paperback, 1993 (unsigned first edition). Very good condition, some age-related browning. Inscribed to owner: "Happy 28th Birthday! Anna."
First read: 1993
Owned since: 1993

As you might guess from the inscription, this book was a gift from my friend Anna on my 28th birthday.

I started to write that a true friend is one who enables your geekiness even while they mock you for it. Then I stopped to wonder whether I'm simply a source of amusement to my so-called friends. Then I realized that of course I am, and what are friends for, anyway?

So thanks for this book, Anna, which I have kept all these years and still consult on a regular basis. Because anyone who calls herself "Answer Girl" (even in jest) cannot complain about people thinking she's a geek.

Today, of course, is John Lennon's 67th birthday -- and Sean Ono Lennon's 32nd birthday. Because I have this book, I can also tell you that it is the 34th anniversary of Elvis and Priscilla Presley's divorce. They had only been married for six and a half years, although Priscilla had lived in Elvis's house for five years before they were married. As much as people lament the collapse of morals in modern society, it's hard to imagine that any rock star would be allowed to live with a 16-year-old in today's world.


Anonymous said...

Since The last 4 posts had no comments, I thought I would add something. I don't have a specific comment on this but thought this comic strip was germane. I am not that familiar with it.

AnswerGirl said...

That is hilarious -- thanks, Richard!

And thanks for leaving a comment ... I was starting to wonder whether anyone was reading this thing any more...

John Schramm said...

I'm reading, Clair. I only comment when I'm feeling clever. Thanks for acknowledging John. And Sean.