Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Book: Sandra Boynton, BUT NOT THE HIPPOPOTAMUS. Little Simon board book, 1995. Very good condition; some smudging to front cover.
First read: 1996
Owned since: 1996

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. I have no excuse but pressures of work and a weird February malaise. Blame it on the eclipse.

Anyway, I've noticed the blog books taking a heavy turn lately, and I've also noticed that all the authors have been men. So let's lighten up. This book was part of a set of three that I bought for a friend's baby -- which baby, which friend I don't remember -- but I was so charmed by this book that I kept it, and only gave the other two away.

"A hog and a frog do a dance in the bog," the book begins. "But not the hippopotamus." The story continues with other friends doing fun things, and leaving the hippopotamus out -- until the end of the book, where everyone notices that the hippopotamus isn't playing, and says, "Hey! Come join us!"

The subtle moral is that if the hippopotamus feels left out, it has more to do with her own assumption that she's not welcome than with anyone else's intention to reject her. I need the reminder sometimes.

The new snow is pretty and the sun is shining, so Dizzy and I are headed out to the rail trail before a day of rehearsals. I am thoroughly disgusted with Ralph Nader's absurd, narcissistic, megalomanic decision to run for President again this year. It would be tragic if it weren't so infuriating.


norby said...

I too am confused by Nader's insistence on running for President. Also by a news report a saw that seemed to think he would 'shake things up'. Uh, sure.

The book does sound neat. A friend is having a baby this summer, I'll have to keep it in mind.

Larry said...

The weather sucks, but the days are getting a bit longer. We spring ahead to DST in just 2 weeks. Not sure I know of anyone not suffering from February malaise. Maybe that is Nader's excuse for such an irrational act. The man is pathetic.

Anna said...

Maybe McCain will win afterall.

Karen Olson said...

This was one of Julia's favorite books when she was really little. We love all Boynton's books.

Nader needs to get over himself. This year we truly do have a choice, and not a choice between "the lesser of two evils." I could perhaps see his "logic" for running in the past, but not this year.

Toni T. said...

Hi, I just found your blog rather randomly. I was searching for info about "stories of sensation" and found an archived entry from '06. I was charmed and decided to see what is current.

Still charmed. Thanks.

But, as you seem to care about language, I feel I must remind you that Sandra Boynton's line is actually "Hey! Come join the lot of us!" (Scans like hippopotamus.)

I've read this book to eager two-year-olds . . . a lot.

I'll be back to read about your other books!

AnswerGirl said...

You're right -- thanks!