Thursday, April 24, 2008

THANK YOU FOR SMOKING by Christopher Buckley

The Book: Christopher Buckley, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. Random House, 1994 (first edition). Very good condition; dust jacket is slightly creased at top of spine, pages are riffled.
First read: 1994
Owned since: 1994

The movie version of this book was pretty good, though I still don't understand why they cast Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor instead of Rob Lowe.

Maybe we're too used to seeing Rob Lowe as a villain; the point of THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is that Nick Naylor isn't a villain, he's just a guy whose conscience is for sale. After all, he's got a mortgage to pay.

Nick Naylor is the senior vice president for communications (i.e., head lobbyist) at the Academy for Tobacco Studies, a policy organization funded by the nation's largest tobacco firms. It's his job to defend his members on talk shows where the other guests are teenagers dying of tobacco-related cancer.

Nick's strategy for defending his employers is to defend the consumers of tobacco as a persecuted minority. It's almost uncanny to read this book now and see how closely the real life tobacco industry has followed Nick Naylor's fictional plan, which was supposed to be a satire.

But it's a fine line in Washington, and that's Buckley's point. You succeed by embracing the absurdity with a straight face, and saying -- for example -- that you are winning a race even when the numbers show it to be a mathematical impossibility.

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Claire said...

See, I loved Aaron Eckhardt in the role, and Rob Lowe stole the show in his two kimonoed scenes. I wouldn't have flipped them for anything. (And I think they were wise to discard the larger conspiracy plot for the movie. It might have turned into a comic thriller disaster akin to Man of the Year.)