Thursday, February 19, 2009

I don't know how it can snow when the temperature's above freezing.

Current temperature, according to my weather widget: 33F. This is almost springlike, except for the heavy snowfall I'm watching through my living room window. The snowplow's already been through once this morning, pushing around wet slush; it looks like what's falling now is actually sticking.

People have tried to explain this to me, but I still don't understand. How can it snow when the air temperature is above freezing? I understand that the clouds are colder altitudes, and the precipitation leaves the clouds as snow or ice; why doesn't it melt in the time it takes to reach the ground? How warm does it have to be before that happens?

Snow or no snow, tonight is the final dress rehearsal for Bell, Book & Candle, and we open tomorrow. Gaslight has a tradition of never canceling performances for weather, and I don't plan to let my show be the first.

Thanks to everyone who checked in on Dizzy; he's much better, back to his old cookie-begging self. We never did figure out what made him sick.

Five Random Songs (since I didn't do it yesterday)

"Off the Hook," Barenaked Ladies. Mellow pop with a nice drum line. I've said it before: you are powerless against the Barenaked Ladies. They're just too charming.

"Unreleased Backgrounds," Beach Boys. Now this is random - exactly what the title says, from the digital release of Pet Sounds. Background harmonies, a few quiet words.

"Afterclap," 13 & God. Funky electronica by a group composed of members of The Notwist and Themselves. My friend Joseph and I saw these guys live at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, a few years ago. (Wow, I've been keeping this blog for a while...)

"To Russia My Homeland," ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. A beautiful, martial instrumental in 3/4 time, heavy on the strings. More excellent drums.

"I'll See You in My Dreams," Jimmy Durante. I love Jimmy Durante, who reminds me of my Grandpa Lamb, and oh, how I love this song. "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."


norby said...

Glad to hear Dizzy is feeling better...

Break a leg (re: the show of course!)

Anonymous said...

glad to hear Dizzy is back up to snuff. You know, sometimes they just catch something (besides rabbits and hedgehogs) and are off for a day or two. Just like us. But really happy that he's back to normal. Toss him a cookie for me.

Richard B.

Claire said...

Hooray! I'm glad Dizzy is better.

Zach usually has Stunt in his car's CD changer. I never get tired of hearing that CD.