Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't know what an SEM plan is.

I'm on a lot of specialized email lists, including several for marketing professionals. The subject line of an email in my in-box right now is, "Get an Edge on your SEM Planning," and the email offers me the chance to take a survey to learn how my SEM stacks up.

What does this mean? The email does not include an explanation of this abbreviation. From a couple of other sentences in the email, I'm guessing it means "search engine marketing," but I still don't understand it: is this trying to make sure your site is at the top of any search engine?

Since I don't understand the acronym, I'm obviously not the target market, but it's possible that the people who'd need this survey most are those who don't know what SEM stands for.

Dizzy and I got home around 2:00 this morning. Every time I make that trip, I say I'm not going to do it in a single day again. I mean it this time.


Larry said...

SEM - Search Engine Marketing. It is used to promote websites. Google "Hilton Hotels" and the first listing at the top of the page is an advertisement. You are receiving those e-mails because someone thinks you are running a commercial website and for a fee will help you promote your business.

AnswerGirl said...

That particular seminar was actually sponsored by Forbes magazine, which I read online.

Jen Jordan said...

Well, how damned mundane.

I was thinking Secular Eclipsed Moon.