Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I don't know whether my leather sneakers can go in the dryer.

Sorry I've been gone for a while: combination of work demands, computer issues (the crippled spacebar is now a broken spacebar), and an unwillingness to infect the Internet with my weather-related malaise.

By my count, we had three sunny days in June. Three. It's not raining at this minute, but it's cloudy, it rained earlier and it will rain later. Current temperature: 61F, with a high of 71F expected.

My favorite pair of Sketchers got wet a week ago and are not dry yet, and I don't know whether I dare throw them in the dryer. The uppers are at least partly leather, and I don't want them to crack. Anyone have any suggestions?

I had hoped to escape south this week, but it's not going to happen: work to do, car repairs to pay for. The weather forecast promises sun for the weekend, and while I've never been one to blame the weatherman, I'm going to hurt someone if that turns out to be a lie.

Five Random Songs

"Burning Up," Ladytron. Dreamy, funky electronica. Most of the cool, modern stuff in my music list are gifts from friends, as this is.

"Manipulating Woman," Ladyhawke. My point: more cool modern music, another gift from my friend John (who does not only give me music by bands with "Lady" in their name).

"What's Her Name Today?", Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach. I've been listening to this CD (Painted from Memory) too much lately, as it's perfect rainy day music. The problem is that it's just gut-wrenchingly sad, and I don't need the help. In happier news, my pal Scott Shumaker is giving a concert performance of this whole album in Washington, DC on July 17 at the Arts Club of Washington. Go see him.

"Hymn for Her," The Magic Numbers. Whew, something lighter, another lovely modern song, and another gift, this from my friend Tom.

"They Can't Take That Away from Me," Ella Fitzgerald. A song that reminds me of summer evenings in Washington, DC, sitting outside with a glass of wine and watching the fireflies. Cruel of iTunes to taunt me like this.


Claire said...

oh no! We were really looking forward to having you down.

Sue Lin said...

Would a hair dryer help dry out the sneakers? Or at least put them in a dryer on lowest possible setting and check periodically on them?

norby said...

It's been in the 90's in Denver the last few days. I could use some days with cloudy skies or 60 degree temps. I think I'm wilting.

Joe P. said...

I don't know if the dryer would be bad or not and hopefully your shoes have dried out by now.

You could try stuffing them with crumpled newspaper. Then maybe put them in front of where your refrigerator exhaust the warm air.