Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Jesus rides beside me/He never buys any smokes."

The Song: "Can't Hardly Wait," The Replacements. Words & music by Paul Westerberg. Track 11 from Pleased to Meet Me, 1987.
When/how acquired: Purchased cassette, c. 1987.
Listen/watch here. (Also check out this demo version, which is missing the horns I love but has an amazing guitar track.)

The car is back, after a sum of money too large to post here. If I posted the repair cost, people would tell me the car isn't worth it, and I don't feel like having that argument. As my vision continues to narrow and my night vision continues to fade, I don't expect to be driving more than another year or two. This will be the last car I own, and it needs to last.

But it took time and attention I couldn't spare yesterday, and this morning I'm behind again. I have promised to do things and be places today that may not be possible, and it makes me want to drop my head and weep. I'm working as hard and as fast as I can, and I apologize for everything that's falling off the back of the truck.


Anonymous said...

If he can get around the no illegal alien licensing laws, I say, "Let Jesus Take the Wheel":

(Nauseatingly, this a real thing.)

-- Ed

Sue Lin said...

Good to talk to you just now, Ellen, and we will be able to meet in DC or here over the spring. Take care and don't stress out over the deadlines!