Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Packing up to hit the road... NOT

Thank God July has 31 days.  Unfortunately, only three of these days are left in the month... and only another 15 until my self-imposed departure date. 

I'll use this blog as a travel journal for the trip cross-country to Maine.  Over time, I'd like it to evolve into a site for me to post answers to questions that come up in my work, research I find especially interesting, and grammar rules I'd like to see enforced more stringently.  It will feed my illusion that anyone is paying attention.

I've yet to do any packing.  My goal for the weekend is to sort through my belongings and pull out everything that needs to be given away or thrown away.  I have suits I haven't worn since I left Washington, and there are women who could use them. 

There isn't really a direct route from Los Angeles to Central Maine, so I'm planning the trip to let me see as many friends as possible along the way.  The planned route is:

August 15: Los Angeles to Flagstaff, AZ
August 16: Flagstaff to Pagosa Springs, CO
August 17: Pagosa Springs to Denver, CO
August 18: Denver to Lincoln, NE
August 19: Lincoln to St. Louis, MO
August 20: St. Louis to Chicago, IL
August 21: Chicago to Pittsburgh, PA
August 22: Pittsburgh to Newport, RI
August 23: Newport to China, ME

The longest single day of driving will be Pittsburgh to Newport; if I'm too tired, I may stop off in Dutchess County, NY and throw myself on the mercy of the McLaughlins there. (Westchester Lambs: I'm sorry I won't see you on this trip, but I'll be in New York in October, and hope to see you then.)

My pointer-lab mix, Dizzy, has never made a trip like this before.  I'll be staying with friends and relatives on most of these stops, but suggestions for dog-friendly motels along the way are welcome. 

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