Friday, July 30, 2004

You Talking to Me?

What's great about moving is that it forces me to get in touch with friends and family members I've neglected, especially those who are going to be near my new home or along my travel route.

Last night I spent an hour on the phone with my old friend, client and partner-in-crime Tom Ehrenfeld, author of The Startup Garden. Tom and his family live in Cambridge, MA, and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of them once I'm in Maine.

Tom and I have been talking for a while about putting together a novelty book called You Talking to Me? This would be an overview of the best movie quotations of all time, with suggestions for appropriate ways to use them in conversations. Neither of us has had time to pursue this, but Tom came up with a great idea: I could put one a day on this blog, and at the end of a year (or even before that), the book would be written.

The title, of course, is self-explanatory.

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Sheila Cameron said...

"Spaulding get your foot off the boat!" -caddy shack

Not so much for it's content but for the perfect delivery.