Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Who uses it: Computer programmers
What it means: Short for "quick and dirty," a patch to fix a small error in a computer process. My Aunt Debbie explains: "Sometimes a computer process might get screwed up (due to a bad feed or a program change error). The main program itself gets fixed, but another 'one time' program has to be written to fix the broken database. The 'q&d' is the one-time program."
How you can use it: In any situation where you don't want something elaborate, you just want something that works. "I don't need the whole story, just give me the Q&D." "Do you really have to replace the whole machine? What's the Q&D?"

I'm looking over the past several days' entries, and see that I've revealed Answer Girl's best-kept secret: I don't actually know much. I just have an enormous family, and they all know about different things, so whatever comes up, I can just ask a relative. Handy.

And speaking of big families, today we celebrate the addition of Margaret Adele to the Lavinder family. Her brothers already call her "Baby Meg," and we can only hope that she will outgrow that sometime before her 50th birthday. Welcome to the world, Meg.

Today Dizzy and I are headed to Albany, for more research on yet another project. It'll be a relief to be back in cell phone range, though the isolation's been nice.

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