Monday, November 28, 2005


Who uses it: Heating and cooling technicians, engineers
What it means: Thermal Resistance Factor, a measure of a substance's ability to slow down the transfer of heat between one surface and another. The higher something's R-factor, the better insulator it is.
How you can use it: To describe your degree of protection from something.

Happy birthday, first of all, to the one and only Leigh Peele, who among other things has the world's most infectious laugh.

The world is covered in ice this morning. It's just warm enough -- about 30 degrees -- to let things start to thaw, but the air is cold enough that the melted water turns to glass almost immediately. My tutoring student just called to postpone this morning's session, because she lives in a hilly section of Augusta, and the roads are a mess; ice is much more dangerous than snow.

Dizzy and I went out for the usual walk this morning, but turned around almost immediately. Even Dizzy understood it was just too dangerous, after his back legs skidded out from under him before we'd even left our parking lot. He consoled himself by coming home and punishing his latest toy. The squeaker on this one has lasted a lot longer than they usually do; I'll have to figure out what the brand is, so I don't buy it again.

I'm supposed to go down to Portland tonight for one last birthday dinner with friends, but if the ice continues, we may have to put it off. Despite what I may have said in moments of reckless desire, I'm not really willing to die for a decent Asian meal.

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