Saturday, July 29, 2006

Heat index

Who uses it: Meteorologists
What it means: The "real temperature" we feel, a combination of heat and humidity -- the summertime equivalent of the windchill factor.
How you can use it: When staying indoors.

The temperature here, right now, is 91 degrees (33 degrees Celsius, for those of you reading in Europe). The good news is that it's not terribly humid, so the heat index is only 94F (34C). I'm not sure that three degrees makes a big difference. Either way, it's too darn hot.

I'm going to the movies... but first, I might take a nap. The drawback to taking a nap is that I will need another shower when I get up, and I've already taken two today.


Anonymous said...

What movie did you see?

AnswerGirl said...

Ha -- by the time I woke up from my nap, it was too late to go to a matinee, so I stayed home and watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" on DVD. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

We rented "The Cincinnati Kid" last night...I'd never seen it and Thomas had never seen it in English!
CU in 19 days