Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is it beautiful in Maine right now?

Who's asking: Pat Marshall, New York, NY

Right here, right now, yes, it's beautiful: the sun is shining, the sky is clear. I think Pat was actually asking about the leaves, which peaked a couple of weekends ago. Yesterday's weather was dire (temperatures in the 40s, wind, rain, even some lightning) and today has been very windy, so most of the leaves are gone.

It was so windy this morning that my side of town lost power for a couple of hours, which is why this post is late. Not knowing how long the power would be out -- and not getting anything but a busy signal from Central Maine Power -- I took off to run errands for a while.

It was a relief to get home and find the power restored, but now I have to reset all my clocks -- and since I never remember how, that means digging out all my small appliance manuals. I wish this could have happened next weekend, when we have to reset the clocks anyway.

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