Thursday, December 27, 2007

THE GIANT BOOK OF BAD GUYS by Ian Schott, Colin, Damon and Rowan Wilson

The Book: Ian Schott, Colin, Damon and Rowan Wilson, editors; THE GIANT BOOK OF BAD GUYS: The World's Worst Crooks, Gangsters, Murderers, Despots and Desperadoes. Magpie, 2007. As new.
First read: Still reading
Owned since: 2007

Thanks to Chris for this book, which, amazingly enough, does not include anyone I've dated. Yet.

It's a scholarly look at the worst people in history, beginning with the tyrants of ancient Rome and running up to present-day drug barons and Mafia overlords. It's no mystery why these men fascinate us: it's partly horror, partly a need to identify the things that separate them from us, and partly -- admit it -- a little envy, because they have given themselves permission to behave in a way that the rest of us couldn't even imagine. (Although I've never seriously longed for world domination or cult leadership, some people would need to be nervous if I had a secret zapper that could just remove them to another part of the galaxy.)

Dizzy and I have spent several happy days with the Lavinders, but it's time for us to hit the road again today, and head back to the Washington area. He will be sorry to leave, and so am I.

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Bea said...

Glad you enjoy the book. Claire has no idea what's going on tonight but will call me when she does. I started a blog.