Thursday, December 06, 2007


The Book: James D. Lester, WRITING RESEARCH PAPERS: A Complete Guide, Second Edition. Scott, Foresman and Company softcover, 1976. Book is in good condition; covers are creased but intact, colors are bright, owner's signature ("Clair Lamb") on front flyleaf.
First read: 1977
Owned since: 1977

This is a textbook from my eighth-grade Natural Science class, of all things. I haven't opened it in years, and am not sure why I've kept it, except that I collect style books. And it turned out to be prescient: right there on the first page of the first chapter, it says, "learning to master research techniques will be of great help in your other courses and in your life after college." How did Dr. Lester know?

I am restless and distracted today, with a few too many things demanding my attention. The area of my deck immediately in front of my kitchen door is a sheet of ice an inch thick, and I don't know what to do about it; it's melting slowly and creating deadly icicles above the ground-floor barber shop entrance, and I go down every couple of hours to knock the icicles down. But the water's dripping onto my deck from the building's roof, and I can't stop the formation of new ice. Anyone have any suggestions? The sun's bright at the moment; the air temperature is 15F. It's a recipe for icicles.


Anonymous said...

In terms of icing, I assume you are using the deck and are not looking for a "Red Green Show" type of fix involving duct tape and a section of Gutter


AnswerGirl said...

The deck is the main entrance to my apartment, but I may yet be rigging something up with duct tape and guttering...

AnswerGirl said...

I have deleted two attempts to comment from a service selling research papers. If you came to this page looking to buy or sell research papers, you are not welcome here, and I will continue to delete your comments.