Monday, September 08, 2008

I don't know how to drink out of a Nalgene bottle.

Bottled water's a ripoff and bad for the environment, okay? If your local water isn't safe to drink, do something about it; show up at a meeting of the water board, install a filtration system, or buy a Brita pitcher. And I say this as a former resident of the District of Columbia, which did have boiled water alerts on an alarmingly regular basis for a while in the mid-90s.

Green wannabe that I am, I carry around a cool blue Nalgene® water bottle that advertises the fine, fine novel KILLER INSTINCT by Joseph Finder (and was a gift from that gentleman, a client and friend). It has a top that twists on tightly, to avoid leaks, with a loop that makes it convenient to hang off my messenger bag. It's extremely durable and holds 32 oz., so if I drink two of them over the course of the day I've satisified the requirements of my food plan.

The problem is that once the bottle's about 1/4 full, I can't drink out of it without spilling it down my front. It's a design issue, I think, or else there's some trick I haven't been able to figure out; I have to tilt the bottle up to pour the water into my mouth, but the mouth of the bottle itself is so wide that excess slops out on either side of my face. It's embarrassing.

Does anyone else have this problem with these bottles, or am I the only one? What is the secret I don't know? Thanks for your help ...


Larry said...

Are you sure its water you're drink? :-)

Martha Demeritt said...

You aren't alone. Just go buy one of the inserts that slide onto the top at an EMS or like store. They are only a few bucks. Problem solved.