Thursday, September 25, 2008

I don't know what I'm forgetting.

Our show opens tomorrow. I didn't post yesterday and I probably won't post tomorrow, barring some unexpected disaster. I have three or four lists going of various things that need to happen between now and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. Most of them will happen, but some of them probably won't.

Some of them might not be physically possible, and some of them, inevitably, have gotten left off the lists. I just forgot, and then I forgot that I forgot. This show has a lot of moving pieces: 11 actors, two musicians, six designers, a production staff of five, a creative team of four, a wardrobe assistant, not to mention the venue manager and her assistant and the wonderful Tim, who manages our rehearsal space.

We're a small village, and in just over a week, it'll all be over. Strange to think about, but the nature of the beast. A few years ago, I shot a pilot for a game show that is now on the air as "1 vs. 100." Bob Saget hosts it now; the funnier, hipper and more attractive John Fugelsang hosted the pilot I shot. (I was the winning contestant, of course; and I really was, no one had given me answers beforehand. If it had been a real game, I'd have won at least $50,000. As it was, I think they paid me $10/hour.)

Anyway, it was an intense experience over several days -- hours of working, waiting, correcting, doing it over and over until it was right. It felt great to be part of a team focused on a single goal. At the end everyone congratulated each other and hugged and promised to keep in touch -- and I've never seen one of those people since.

I didn't expect to; it's the nature of the work. This is much the same way. I hope I stay in touch with some of the people I've worked on this show with, but it won't surprise me if I don't.

I hope I never forget them, though.


Ed Lamb said...

Break a leg tomorrow.

And once the musical has wrapped, sue "1 vs. 100" for your rightful share of the winnings.

Karen Olson said...

Break a leg!

Peggy & Scott said...

Ah,like Winnie the Pooh, we all "forget to remember".
Can't wait to see you and the show tomorrow! Peggy

JIM LAMB said...

As in "break a leg" you must remember that the more chaos before the curtain goes up the better the performance. Keep the Faith!

Love, Dad

steve said...

Remember, no whistling, knitting, blue clothes (unless worn with silver) or yellow hats. Don't forget to leave a light on and pinch your actors. Hope your final dress rehersal is a disaster! Break a leg. Mierda!


J said...

Well, I never forgot you...

Anonymous said...

Break a leg, I know you and the show will be great!

Anonymous said...

Break a leg!!!! Remember to have fun.


Anonymous said...

Break a leg!!! Wish I could be there.