Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Five More Pub Quiz Questions

Last night I was once again the guest host of the Tuesday night quiz at the Liberal Cup. Here are five questions I asked last night, with answers in the comments section.

1. Here in Maine, we know that the Plymouth Company tried to found a settlement here in 1607, thirteen years before they set one up in Massachusetts. What was the name of that colony?

2. Which TV series ran longer, “Cheers” or “Frasier”?

3. Where in your body is your scapula?

4. What are the traditional colors of candles in an advent wreath?

5. What unlikely international capital just became the site of the world’s largest ice rink?

We're battening down for some seriously bad weather, but the snow hasn't started yet. I've got all the essentials — coffee, dog food, books — and as long as the power doesn't go out, we'll be fine.


AnswerGirl said...

1. The Popham Colony lasted for about a year. It was abandoned because its leaders left, but also – probably — because it was just too dang cold. The site has only been excavated in recent years; read more about it here:

2. "Cheers" ran longer, barely; "Cheers" had 270 episodes, "Frasier" had 263.

3. Your scapula is your shoulderblade.

4. The candles in an advent wreath are purple and pink (rose).

5. The world's largest ice rink just opened in Mexico City:

Larry said...

Coffee,dog food and books, but no Snicker bars!!!! You're tough. :-)

Claire said...

I hope your trivia went over well! We had an unusually tough week; I think we were 25/50 (our worst score ever) and the winning team won with only 30/50. Rough.

AnswerGirl said...

It was fine; a small crowd, but I think people had fun. The winning team had 24 1/2.