Friday, December 18, 2009

Five Random Questions with CHRIS MOONEY

Chris Mooney is the author of six crime novels, including the Edgar-nominated REMEMBERING SARAH. His most recent book, THE DEAD ROOM, is the third to feature crime scene investigator Darby McCormick, and is available from UK booksellers.

1. Does Santa come to your house? If so, what are you asking for this year?
Santa does, in fact, come to our house. Surprisingly, I'm not asking for anything this year. There really isn't anything I want at the moment - which is a good thing, so I'll be surprised at whatever I find underneath the tree.

2. What sports did you play in high school? Do you still play any of them?
I'm six foot five, so you can guess what sport I played. That's right, I was a horse jockey. When that failed, I went to play basketball. I played it right until my last year of high school and I haven't picked up a basketball since. I have an urge to join a league every now and then, but I'd probably drop dead of a heart attack.

3. What TV game show would you be most likely to win money on?
Probably "The Newlywed Game." Being on a game show scares the shit out of me. I'd freeze up on "Jeopardy" or any of those games that require intellect.

4. Your latest books have been published only in the UK. Does writing for the UK market change what you write? Do you feel obligated to explain more, or write "petrol" instead of "gas"?
The UK doesn't change anything for me. I write the book and the copy editor will go through it and point out some things that don't translate. For example, I had Darby McCormick describe a doctor as "Doogie Howser." It was a funny line, but the copy editor pointed out nobody in the UK knows who Doogie Howser is, so we cut the line. That happens every now and then.

5. Somebody wants to adapt your books for TV. Who do you want to play Darby McCormick?
Any actress other than Lindsey Lohan, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson, or any actors found on "90210." In other words, someone with talent. An actress I really like is Amy Ryan. She played the mother of the missing girl in Gone, Baby, Gone. She's been in a ton of movies, played in "The Office," and I think she's one of the best actresses on the planet. I don't necessarily think of her when I think of Darby McCormick, but Amy Ryan is absolutely mesmerizing.

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