Friday, March 05, 2010

A Conversation with Meg

Meg is my four-year-old niece. This morning's conversation:

Me: You can read, right, Meg?

Meg: Yeah.

Me: What can you read?

Meg: Well . . . actually . . . I can't read.

Me: But you know some words, right?

Meg: I know all the words.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Meg and Lucy would get along really well I think. Hopefully someday we can get all the cousins together.


Sue Lin said...

My niece Lucy just turned six and loves reading. She reads once or twice a month to a senior citizen named Naomi who comes to the after-school center. Lucy has taken to her new friend Naomi! Lucy also said that she helps other kids with words by whispering them when kids get stuck. But happy to say, she's humble enough to admit she can't read everything.

Larry said...

Children provide the best dialog bar none. As a friend's son said to his parents during dinner a few nights ago. "It's okay, you are parents, you're not perfect."

norby said...

I think you have a future politician there...