Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Five Random Questions with DECLAN HUGHES

Declan Hughes is a playwright and novelist whose series featuring Dublin-based PI Ed Loy has been nominated for almost every award the world of crime fiction offers. The fifth book in the series, CITY OF LOST GIRLS, is available today in the United States and will be out next month in Ireland and the UK. He's a friend, and graciously consented to Five Random Questions. You can read his own blog here.

1. The Easter Bunny: what’s the point?

Easter Bunny I don't know, is it a chocolate thing? Easter Bonnet I get, with all the frills on it. I could probably write a sonnet, about your Easter Bonnet, but I've got to write a book and walk the dog and drink some beer, so I might not get round to it, do you mind? You're in the rotogravure in any case, and that should be enough for you.

2. What was the best movie you saw last year?

Mesrine: Part 1 - Killer Instinct and Part 2 - Public Enemy Number 1. Epic two parter charting the spectacular criminal career of Jacques Mesrine (an incendiary performance from Vincent Cassel). Amazingly violent, stylish and beautiful. On the basis of this pair and A Prophet this year, the French are making the best gangster movies in the world.

3. Assuming all living creatures are safe, what would you save first if your house were on fire?

There's a picture my wife made from a photograph of our two daughters, then aged three and five, running away through a field toward a large red house in County Galway. It's a hazy summer evening and the image is blown up to a blur and has the insubstantial quality of a dream. That's what I'd take. I email my writing to myself every night, so that'd be safe. And I'm counting on having my iPod in my pocket. Or there'll be sulking.

4. Which word do you overuse most in your writing?

Pint. Or is it glass? No, it's Guinness. Or maybe Jameson. Gin? Oh look, is it that time already? Don't mind if I do.

5. What arcane talent do you covet most?

I would like to acquire the ability to understand how a woman's mind works. I live in a house full of them (even the dog is a girl) and I think it would be good all round if I were less, you know, confused. But in the unlikely event of my becoming an adept in this field, I suspect I might have to keep my knowledge to myself, otherwise I'd more than likely get on their nerves with my knowing how they tick and suddenly being all understanding and so forth. And since I can get on their nerves perfectly well as it is ... being able to fly?

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