Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five Random Songs

Juggling several projects today, as well as a recurring ear congestion/tinnitus combination that makes me feel as if my head is underwater. It's a good thing I'm not flying anywhere. In the absence of anything more substantive, it's been a while since I posted one of these lists.

1. "Friday Night Saturday Morning," Nouvelle Vague. A cover of the Specials song. This is why I love cover versions: sung by a girl, this is a totally different song from the original. Man, it's been a really long time since I danced in a circle — or come home on Saturday morning, for that matter. When you don't work in an office, Friday night loses a lot of its meaning.

2. "Sexfaldur," Amiina. Instrumental Icelandic electronica, a gift from the same friend who gave me the Nouvelle Vague CD. ITunes calls this music "Unclassifiable," and they would know. It's lovely, though, and good music to work by. This particular track is wistful, and feels like autumn to me. Apparently the title means "sixfold" — can anyone confirm this?

3. "Goodbye Ohio," Too Much Joy. Or "Goodbyeohio," according to the iTunes playlist. I miss Too Much Joy, the post-punk pop band I probably saw more than any other in the 1990s. Now I follow Tim Quirk on Twitter. It's not the same.

4. "Forever," Eurhythmics. It's easy to mock Annie Lennox for taking herself too seriously, but you know what? That's nothing but fear of embarrassment. There was a time in your life — or at least, in my life — when I took myself seriously and felt I had a right to do that. It was called adolescence. I miss that, too.

5. "Lean on Me," Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock & Keith Urban. Never understood the appeal of Sheryl Crow, don't care about Keith Urban, but I like Kid Rock and this song isn't bad, if a little on-the-nose. Still, it was a fundraiser for Haiti relief, which is why I own it.

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Richard said...

online translator says that sixfold or sextuplet is correct