Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"I do believe in anything, provided it is incredible."

The Movie: Wilde, 1997 (Julian Mitchell, screenwriter, from the biography by Richard Ellmann; Brian Gilbert, dir.)
Who says it: Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde, genius, bon vivant, and tragic lover of Lord Alfred Douglas
The context: Wilde specialized in these epigrams; this is not really a movie line, but something he actually said. In this case, he was referring to Catholicism, saying he planned to die a Catholic but could never live as one.
How to use it: Handy for election seasons and for defending one’s belief in Santa Claus.

I want to take Dizzy to the beach, so he can see the Atlantic for the first time, but the weather isn't cooperating. We had a thunderstorm last night, which might have been the first one in Dizzy's experience; the only thunderstorm I remember in Los Angeles happened on my birthday in 1999, and Dizzy might not even have been born then. (I got him in April 2000, when he was about five months old, so arbitrarily assigned him a birthdate of December 1. The vet gave him a birthdate of November 1, though.)

Anyway, the thunderstorm didn't worry Dizzy, although my mother's dog gets very upset about them. Dizzy must figure that as long as the ground's not shaking, it's nothing to be worried about.

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