Monday, October 18, 2004

“I’ll never look like Barbie. Barbie doesn’t have bruises.”

The Movie: Sid and Nancy, 1986 (Alex Cox and Abbe Wool, screenwriters; Alex Cox, director)
Who says it: Chloe Webb as Nancy Spungen, heroin addict, punk rock groupie and eventual murder victim
The context: Nancy’s free-associating when her boyfriend, Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) freaks out because he can’t find his Action Man doll (aka GI Joe).
How to use it: As an ironic commentary on American standards of beauty.

Yesterday's leg: 93 miles, .25 tanks of gas
Stops: Virginia Beach, VA

Today's quotation is apropos of nothing, I just like it. I did sprain my right index finger badly a couple of weeks ago, though, while walking my dog and Gary's dog together. It still hurts. Maybe it's broken. Is it normal if the top two joints slant in at a 30-degree angle from the bottom joint? There goes my career as a hand model.

I am so relieved to be here in Virginia Beach that I could sleep for 72 hours, except that I have too much work to do. Mom looks great. Dizzy was fine with Mom's cat, until the cat decided to run away, at which point Dizzy decided to chase it. The cat's spent the last twelve hours on top of the sideboard in the dining room. Eventually it will have to come down to eat.

Driving through West Virginia, I saw several signs for a fast-food restaurant called "Tudor's BISCUIT WORLD." Oh, the temptation... but I didn't stop, because I knew that the reality of a place called BISCUIT WORLD could not possibly measure up to my fantasy.

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Anonymous said...

Or: "I look like f****** Stevie Nicks" from Sid and Nancy. Nancy says this after catching a reflection of herself dressed in Sid's mother's clothes, and it shows the folly of fashion, and the relativity of standards (i.e. even a drugged-out crook would be horrified to look like that woman.)