Saturday, September 02, 2006

When were the Montreal Olympics?

Who's asking: Me, actually, as well as Dad and Claire

The Montreal Olympics took place in the summer of 1976, and are famous mainly for marking the international debut of Nadia Comaneci. My twin sister Kathy and I were visiting our grandparents in Charleston, SC during the summer Olympics, and practiced vaulting off the banister in their front hallway. It's a wonder we didn't break anything, including ourselves.

Montreal's Olympic Stadium is visible from the bridge into the city, and looks a little shabby these days. Housing built for the Olympics now serves as housing for McGill students, and Claire says it's already falling down, although it's only 30 years old.

It's a sad thing, but Dad, Claire and I all agreed that we just don't get excited about the Olympics any more. I blame the decision to split the Summer and Winter Olympics, instead of having them all in the same year. It was more fun to get excited about all those things once every four years; the current system seems to make people say, "What, Olympics again? Didn't we just have some?"


Tom Ehrenfeld said...

And of course the follow-up question would be: and where were they held?

Anonymous said...

Hi Clair,

So Glad to see your blog back. I'm sure I'll be sending you questions as Owen's entered the "why" stage and I don't always have an answer.

Lots of love to you and dizzy, Kathleen