Friday, September 08, 2006

Would you like to rent a car while you're in Norfolk this weekend?

Who's asking:

Thanks, but no, and I actually need to cancel that plane ticket, if it's possible (it probably isn't).

I was supposed to go to Virginia Beach this weekend for a luncheon in honor of my old friend Melissa, who's getting married next month. Instead, I'll be seeing a lot of I-95 as I drive back and forth to Waterville.

Dad's in Maine General for a few days, getting IV antibiotic treatment for a leg infection. Not exactly how he wanted to spend his time in Maine, and not what the state has in mind when they advertise this place as Vacationland. Sure, he has in-room television and excellent room service, but the decor leaves a little to be desired, and there's no minibar.

What I Read This Week

Lise McClendon, Painted Truth. Lise's going to be on the panel I'm moderating at Bouchercon; I really enjoyed this second Alix Thorssen mystery, set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Alix, an art dealer, investigates a series of murders connected to a once-brilliant painter who's trying to mount a comeback.

Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear. For cheering-up reading in a hospital waiting room, you can't do better than Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crimes mysteries (how's that for a blurb?). This second novel is even better than the first (The Big Over-Easy), and describes the Nursery Crimes Division's hunts for the murderer of a certain blonde journalist and the escaped master criminal the Gingerbreadman. An ongoing discussion of whether the Gingerbreadman is a cake or a cookie proves essential to defeating the fiend.

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