Thursday, February 15, 2007

How much snow did you get?

Who's asking: Jim Lamb, Virginia Beach, VA

Hard to say. The total at Augusta Airport was 14 inches at 8:00 last night, but I think it snowed more after that. As the day wore on, it got hard to tell what was falling and what was just blowing; we had gusts of 40 miles an hour last night, and winds were even heavier along the coast.

I'll post photos later in the day, if I can get the camera's cable to work. I've just come in from 50 minutes of shoveling that cleared my front stairs and about 2/3 of the deck I share with my next door neighbor, and I'm behind on several projects. But the sun is shining, it feels warmer than it's been, and I must say it's all awfully pretty.


JIM LAMB said...

Why don't you ask Al Gore to come up and help shovel that 14 inches of global warming out of your parking lot. That would be something positive he could do to earn that Nobel Peace Prize he has been nominated for.

No gasoline powered plows or snow blowers allowed since that will add to Global Warming!

AnswerGirl said...

Al Gore is way too out of shape to shovel snow... but excessive precipitation of all kinds is actually consistent with global warming.

And I'd like to ban snow blowers altogether, because they're noisy, smelly and make a terrible mess.