Friday, February 02, 2007

Is it true that crab rangoon doesn't have any crab in it?

Who's asking: An anonymous Google searcher

Anna told me this a while back, but I wasn't sure whether to believe it; sometimes my friends like to trick me into trying foods I wouldn't otherwise eat.

This would seem to be the case here, because the primary ingredient in crab rangoon is chopped crabmeat, or a crabmeat substitute. It's a simple recipe: one pound of chopped crabmeat, a package of cream cheese and some chopped green onions, seasoned with salt and sugar to taste, folded into wonton wrappers and deep-fried. It all sounds great, except for the crab part.

I'm spending the weekend in Portland, so won't be posting tomorrow. Happy birthday to Vikki Bea, and happy Groundhog Day.

What I Read This Week

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
, Mount Dragon. I've been a fan of Messrs. Preston and Child for a long time, and frequently recommend them as an alternative to certain other, more famous writers. This book, their second novel, is a far more convincing and compelling thriller about the dangers of genetic engineering than Michael Crichton's Next.

Martha Grimes, The Old Fox Deceiv'd. Martha Grimes was among the first American authors to make the traditional British mystery her own. In this, her second novel, Inspector Richard Jury must go to Yorkshire to investigate the murder of a shady young woman on Twelfth Night. Jury and his sidekick, the aristocratic Melrose Plant, are great characters, but the most memorable ones here are a 12-year-old boy and his faithful Staffordshire terrier, Arnold.


Anna said...

Sure - if you make it yourself you can guarantee there is crab meat in it. But I challenge you to find any crab in the ones you get at the Chinese buffet!!

AnswerGirl said...

Would I prefer to eat artificially formed "sea legs" wrapped in cream cheese and wonton dough? No, I would not.