Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What should the Atlanta Falcons do with Michael Vick?

Who's asking: Sportscasters

Nike, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL should all release Michael Vick, today. I can't believe anyone's even having this conversation.

Yes, under our legal system, Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty. Charges in an indictment must be proven in front of a jury who decides their truth and their illegality.

But leave aside the legal issues for a moment, and look at the undisputed facts. Michael Vick owns a piece of land in Smithfield, Virginia, where law enforcement officials found mangled bodies of dogs and other evidence of dog-fighting. In the weeks since these facts became known, Michael Vick has said not one word to acknowledge that dog-fighting is a terrible crime and that he is horrified to think anyone might associate him with the practice.

The right against self-incrimination is a legal construct. It doesn't exist in the court of public opinion. Michael Vick is a symbol of a major professional sports league, and by virtue of his position, an authority on issues of sportsmanship. It is the responsibility of everyone in the NFL, starting with Michael Vick, to say, "We believe in fair play and the joy of sport. Dog-fighting is the opposite of everything we stand for."

The fact that Michael Vick hasn't said anything like this makes him, at the very least, guilty by association. If the Atlanta Falcons organization remains silent on the issue, they are, too.

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steve said...

I truely believe where there's smoke there's fire; and there's a lot of smoke around Michael Vick. Read the indictment at The Smoking Gun http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0717072vick1.html

Even if by the remotest chance he ISN'T involved, he's an undesirable just by association.


Shaun Carey said...

I totally agree with you! As you said, in the U.S. you are "innocent until proven guilty" but if you are in a position such as Vick's (high profile) you must be aware that much of the public has already heard enough to convict you. This is not fair, but it is the way it works! Athletes and celebrities must be aware that when they enter this field their lives are always on trial.

Anonymous said...

what is Dizzy's opinion?


AnswerGirl said...

Dizzy is a timid dog who would be afraid of Michael Vick, his thug friends, and all their dogs. He just wants them to stay far, far away from him.

Anonymous said...

May everyone involved in dogfighting meet Cerebus at the gates shortly after their demise.

-- Ed

Moira said...

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I agree with you Clair. I can't believe this is even a discussion. Makes me feel sick about the NFL. It's barbaric. And I love football :(

Anonymous said...

there's a rumor afoot that Vick's own teammates plan to step aside if he ever hits the playing field again and let anyone who cares to pummel the living shit out of him (and apparently the NFL is full of 400-lb. dog lovers). For that reason alone I say don't kick him out of the league until after that first game.

Scott P.