Sunday, May 11, 2008

Off Topic (except to the extent that it's all about me)

Greetings from Virginia Beach. My cousin Beth got married down here yesterday, and three generations of Lambs turned out to celebrate. For future reference, dancing all night is not the best thing for a twisted knee, but thanks to my brother James's heavy-duty Motrin stash, I'm fine today.

Anyway, the only books I have with me are the ones I'm reading and/or editing now, and most of this week's pleasure reading has been in the form of audiobooks. I'll post a double edition of What I Read This Week next Friday, but in the meantime I'm co-opting the blog to do a little networking.

I have an opportunity to take on a unique project late this summer in New York City, but it doesn't pay anything and it doesn't come with housing. Does anyone know of -- or have -- space for me (and maybe even Dizzy) from approximately August 1 through October 5? I could pay some rent, but probably not market rates. A furnished room in a pet-friendly house or apartment would be ideal, but anything without an active rat infestation is a possibility.

If you know of anything, leave me a comment or send an e-mail to

Sorry to be cryptic about the project, but I'm not sure how public it is yet. Believe me, I'll be much more forthcoming in the months ahead, especially if I do wind up spending August and September in New York.

Dizzy and I head back to DC tomorrow, back to New England on Tuesday. Happy Mothers' Day to everyone, especially to Vikki Bea and my sisters Kathy and Peggy.


Claire said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! I'll call when I'm off work and at home tonight, and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow?

Moira said...

I'm intrigued! Good luck with your search.