Monday, May 12, 2008

YOU SUCK by Christopher Moore

The Book: Christopher Moore, YOU SUCK: A Love Story. William Morrow, 2007 (first edition). Inscribed to the owner. Fine condition.
First read: 2006
Owned since: 2007

Back at Megan's, and my first impression was correct: we really don't have much overlap in our book ownership, although she has several books I gave her, and vice versa. This is a book that I own because I would be Chris Moore's disciple if it were a paying job, and Megan owns because she likes vampire novels. So you see, YOU SUCK has something for everyone.

YOU SUCK is the long-awaited sequel to BLOODSUCKING FIENDS, and you really ought to read BLOODSUCKING FIENDS first -- not only because Mr. Moore should be encouraged and supported in all his efforts, but because I'm not sure how much sense parts of YOU SUCK make to people who don't already know the set-up. BLOODSUCKING FIENDS is the story of how Tommy, a goofball from the Midwest, moves to San Francisco and falls in love with the woman of his dreams, who happens to be a vampire. YOU SUCK begins on the morning after Jody, the woman, has turned Tommy into a vampire, and the two have to figure out the mechanics of vampire life together.

It is hilariously funny, gleefully violent, aggressively silly, and features one of Moore's best characters yet -- the teenaged Goth girl Abby Normal, who just can't believe Tommy isn't as cool as vampires are supposed to be in the books.

I read this book as an advance copy, but went to Boston to see Chris talk and get a first edition signed when he toured. I hear we might get to see some of the new book -- or maybe even advance copies? -- at BookExpo America, which is reason enough for me to return to Los Angeles at the end of the month.

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