Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Book: Hans J. Morgenthau, POLITICS AMONG NATIONS: The Struggle for Power and Peace. Fifth edition, revised. Borzoi, 1978. Owner's signature and old telephone number written on front flyleaf; book is heavily highlighted and marked. Dust jacket is missing, but book is tight; spine is faded.
First read: 1984
Owned since: 1984

We're going back to politics and history for a while, because that's what I was listening to on this last trip, and it's what's on my mind. This was the main textbook for the International Relations class I took with Professor Coll; he was very young then, and my roommate and I had a crush on him. (Note to universities everywhere: class attendance improves when students have crushes on professors. Hire accordingly.)

Anyway, this edition was written at the height of the Cold War, and while much of it is now out-of-date, I've kept it because the insights are still clear and sound. Looking through it this morning, for example, I am particularly struck by Chapter 6, "The Struggle for Power: Policy of Prestige." "In the struggle for existence and power," Morgenthau writes, "what others think about us is as important as what we actually are."

Our current President has forgotten this, or maybe he doesn't care. Or maybe he wants the rest of the world to see us exactly as they do.

In any case, I'm happy to lend this book to any current or aspiring political candidate who wants to borrow it.

Five Random Songs (since I didn't post yesterday)

"Mutineer," Warren Zevon. In the summer of 1994, I took a weekend off and went to Bethany Beach, DE, all by myself -- except for a handful of CDs, and this was one of them.

"Falling For the First Time," Barenaked Ladies. This song is about someone jumping out of an airplane, I think. It's not something I feel any great need to do, although I hear it's fun. Claire's done it. It's good to have children braver than oneself.

"Conduct," The Durutti Column. A song and a band I was unfamiliar with until I got this CD, a collection of songs produced by the legendary Martin Hannett, for Christmas last year.

"Trouble in Mind," Big Walter Horton. This version of the song doesn't sound much like the version you probably know; it's off the great Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Collection.

"Baby It's You," The Shirelles. A great John Sayles movie, featuring Rosanna Arquette and a seriously hot Vincent Spano.


ÞĕŘҒÉċŤ şťŔÄŅģËг ŦỆäЯУ-ĕŶẾĐ said...

Hey can u please send the pdf of this book "POLITICS AMONG NATIONS by Hans J. Morgenthau"

and do u have more books about the faculty of international realations

Principles of international relations
Foreign policy analysis
international law
international organisations
european diplomacy

kindly tell me on

wating for your reply...
shuja uddin

gin said...


Can you send me the pdf of this book "POLITICS AMONG NATIONS by Hans J. Morgenthau" please?

Have you got
1.Janoš, Andrew. 1986. Politics and Paradigms: Changing Theories of Change in the Social Sciences.
2.Farr, James. 1995. “Remembering the Revolution: Behavioralism in American Political Science,”
3.Truman, David B. 1951. "Group Politics and Representative Democracy."

Please write me
Looking forward for your reply

AnswerGirl said...

Uh, no. And no. And no.

All books discussed in this blog are paper copies, not electronic copies. I don't own electronic copies of any of these books. Nor do I own a scanner. And even if I did own a scanner, all of these books are subject to international copyright law, and I won't cheat authors by making illegal copies of their works.

You can find inexpensive copies of almost any book you want at Good luck!