Monday, November 03, 2008

I don't know how to embed videos in blog posts.

I have a crazy amount of work to finish today -- and a Gaslight board meeting tonight -- so that I have tomorrow free, to help where I can. In lieu of an actual post I'm going to try to put this video up -- if it doesn't work, click through to this link -- and for the love of our country, vote tomorrow.


AnswerGirl said...

Whoo-hoo, it worked!

And now, let me clarify. I know that several members of my own family do not share my political views and will vote or already have voted for the other candidate. That's fine; if my candidates lose, they lose.

As long as everyone who can vote does vote, we'll have the government we deserve, for better or worse. Humans are imperfect, and so are our systems for self-governance.

Tom Ehrenfeld said...

I don't know....where this song comes from. I suspect it must be from an ALW show (Les Miz?) which would be the reason why I don't recognize it.

Hilarious video.

AnswerGirl said...

I can't BELIEVE you haven't seen "Les Miserables," Tom -- not ALW, written by Alain Boubill and Claude-Michel Schoenberg with lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer (and based, of course, on the novel by Victor Hugo).

This song is called "One Day More," and is the first-act finale. This video is called "Les Misbarack," and was produced by a group called Ultimate Improv (

Kevin Wignall said...

Look on the bright side - you ARE about to get a new President, whatever happens.

As you know, I've said for a while that I think McCain can still win - I'm not saying there won't be an Obama landslide, just, I doubt it.

I also think it's worth pointing out that McCain would probably make a great and intriguing President, and although it would feel like it to begin with (because of the expectations), a McCain win wouldn't be the disaster for the Democrats that the last two elections were.

One final point, whoever wins is going to inherit the most difficult economic circumstances since FDR became President in 33.

Tom Ehrenfeld said...

Les Miz is worthy? Really? Okay, if you say so then I believe it, and shame on me. And sure there's flashes of okay-ness in some ALW stuff here and there....but not much. Should I give Les Miz a try?

AnswerGirl said...

I agree with all of that, Kevin. In the last couple of days, we've seen the "old McCain" on the campaign trail, and it's made me wistful for the election season we didn't get -- one in which two strong, thoughtful candidates spoke to us all like responsible adults.

But John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate wrecked it for me. It was shameless pandering to the worst elements of the Republican party, and it was reckless and not thought-out. Had he chosen Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney or even Joe Lieberman as a running mate, I think we'd be looking at a very different conversation and possibly a different outcome tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Owen took my Obama button to school with him today. They are having a mock election and after careful thought he decided on Obama because of his position on Iraq. Lucy on the other hand supports "the girl" and will take McCain if she has to. Owen tells her she can't vote for Sarah Palin because she likes guns. Lucy says that's fine, "she likes guns too." Lucy is definitely all about "girl power."

Owen is predicting at win for Obama at his school and wants to stay up to watch the election results. It's been fun to see the election through such young eyes.


Claire said...

That song was running through my head in the shower this morning. Then it got into the bits about student revolution and then the Thenardiers started singing and suddenly it seemed less relevant.

Still. I'm excited. Zach and I have been crunching the electoral numbers all morning and they look good from every angle.

Bea said...

My sister is incapable of "crunching numbers." For the record.

I'm just gonna put it out there:
Eff the McCain/Palin campaign. As someone who's working on the ground level, I've heard and seen far too many instances of voter suppression to have any sort of respect for the campaign. Please note, campaign, not candidates, though I can't say anything even remotely positive about Sarah Palin.

My disdain and antagonism derives from situations like the one I dealt with yesterday, in which a newly registered voter was told that he could "vote early just by signing this statement of support." Or the voters who have been receiving letters and door hangers giving them the wrong polling locations. Interestingly enough, that only seems to happen in highly Democratic precincts.

When a campaign, a party or a candidate stoops to such levels, it undermines the entire fabric of our democracy. While I don't necessarily think that John McCain is supporting or condoning such action, he's certainly not stopping his supporters. He's willing to win an election in which his opponent's supporters are being systematically disenfranchised through lies and disinformation.

He should have rejected the Rovian machine(the same one which slandered him in SC in the 2000 race), and the elements of the GOP to which it appeals.

Anna said...

Great post, Ellen! GREAT use of that song! See, Conservatives really DO have a sense of humor. And Tom, you should definitely see Les Mis. How did you avoid it all these years?! As for corruption in elections, to paraphrase John, let him that is without sin among you cast the first stone!

And still, with all our faults, I wouldn't live anywhere else - God bless America!

steve said...

This election, we are offered a choice between "business as usual" and a vision stretching so far and wide that many fail to grasp it.

I'm sticking with the vision. It's time we started thinking beyond the next tax year.