Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I don't know why Dizzy loves grass so much.

Dizzy eats anything -- anything. He is part Lab, and Labs are the garbage cans of the dog world, or maybe the goats. Dizzy's eaten tin foil just because it once held food.

He also eats grass. Lots of grass, whenever he can get it.

Conventional wisdom says that dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up. Books and vets say you shouldn't let your dog eat grass. It has no food value, it's often infested with mites, and blades of grass have sharp, serrated surfaces that can damage a dog's stomach and intestine linings.

Dizzy seems to be the exception to the rule. He's always eaten grass, and I have never been able to break him of the habit. I've tried everything, from aversion therapy (squirt guns and pennies in a soda can) to supplementing his food with a chlorophyll powder (he wouldn't eat it; I tried it, and it did wonders for my skin). He doesn't throw it up, and it never seems to bother him much.

His vet in California said, "Some dogs are just grazers." I wonder whether Dizzy thinks that he's really a cow.


Ed Lamb said...

I had a meeting lat night. To show her displeasure at being abndoned, my -- or, really, Dad's -- dog Molly ate entire manilla folder. Just the folder; not the papers inside.

She seems fine oday.

Ed Lamb said...

Insert your own missing letters in my previous comment. Make a game of it.

Anonymous said...

My cat loves to eat grass- Web rearch has several theories- form need the Folic acid in young grass to needing it to aid in digestion.
Some grass was growing in a potted pepper plant a week a go and my cat ate most of it. I don't know if the grass caused constipation or it that is why she ate it. a weekend of blades of grass sticking out the rear....nuff said

Maybe dogs also like the digestive aid


Anonymous said...

Ginger eats grass all the time and never gets sick. She is very picky about which grass she eats though. Only a special kind for miss priss. She also likes a lot of green vegtables. She doesn't like carrots like other dogs....of course it's because she is a little snobby.