Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I do not know how to read a bass clef.

Santa came early, in the form of my dear friend Gary, through the good offices of the folks at Music & Moore in Topsham.

Santa brought me an electronic keyboard -- a big, fancy one -- and I am absolutely thrilled. Years ago, when I housesat for Gary for a long stretch, I tried (without success) to teach myself piano. This year I will take some lessons, and one of my goals for 2009 will be learning to play a keyboard (yes, SpyScribbler, I understand this is not a piano).

I still have plenty of music from my guitar-playing days, and I read music well enough to be able to pick out a tune -- but only if it's in a treble clef. Guitar music's written only in treble, and I sing alto, which is also written on the treble clef, so have never had any reason or need to learn the bass clef.

Just looking at a score and trying to pick it out, it feels like trying to learn to write left-handed. Which it kind of is, since you play the bass notes with your left hand.

Hope Santa is equally good to all of you. Dizzy and I are headed south, and the blog schedule will be iffy until at least Friday. Merry Christmas!


Tom Ehrenfeld said...

What? How am I going to complete my last-minute-fill-in shopping without your complete books list? I got Lucy World War Z and Hetchen the David Carr NIght of the Gun (which you haven't commented on but I figured could be good even if you haven't read it), but would still get her another great one, but if you're not posting your list then I'm lost man.

Have a safe drive and great holiday, I'll speak with you in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Laura Benedict said...

You'll get it--it's a lot like typing with two hands. Though yesterday I spent an hour playing Christmas duets w/ Pomegranate and then came in to work on email for a while and had a VERY hard time figuring out that the 2nd row keys were not sharps and flats!

Safe travels....