Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I don't know how you're supposed to eat flavored Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt was one of the lifestyle changes I kept after coming back from New York; the Augusta Hannaford sells it, so I go out of my way every couple of weeks to stock up.

I like the plain stuff, but every so often indulge myself with the fancy kind, which comes in partitioned containers. The larger side is plain yogurt; the smaller is fruit jam, and you're supposed to eat them together.

I had just been spooning all the jam into the plain side, then mixing it up, but yesterday I noticed the instructions at the bottom of the container: "Suggestion: Please do not stir."

Please do not stir? Please do not stir? How is this supposed to work, then?

So this morning, I didn't stir. I dipped my spoon in the jam (cherry today), then into the plain yogurt. I alternated: jam, yogurt, jam, yogurt. It worked fine, except that I ran out of jam about 2/3 of the way into my yogurt.

This could really interfere with my morning's schedule, if I have to calculate the precise level of yogurt to jam that makes it all come out even. I'm sending an email to Fage ("pronounced Fa-YEH") customer service right now, to ask for instructions. Why aren't we supposed to stir this?

Five Random Songs

"I Live For You," George Harrison. A bonus track on the iTunes release of All Things Must Pass. I bought this the day it became available, and listen to something off it almost every day.

"He Never Mentioned Love," Kirsty MacColl. The combined works of Kirsty MacColl and Mary Chapin Carpenter tell most of my own life story. "And if I seem hardhearted, I would like to tell the judge/In all the time I knew this man, he never spoke of love."

"Judy," Pernice Brothers. Another song about the speechlessness after love dies: "Tell her that you saw me..."

"Where'd You Go?", The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. An excellent cover from the Clueless soundtrack. Yes, I own the Clueless soundtrack, and it's really good. Shut up.

"I've Been to Memphis," Lyle Lovett. I've always wanted to write an article for a business magazine about Lyle Lovett as creative manager, and the logistics of touring and performing with the Large Band. Hmm.


norby said...

It sounds like one of those things where you really have to get the jam to yogurt ratio right, which would be really annoying.

Personally, I would say screw the rules and just keep stirring.

Anonymous said...

The Libertarian in me says: It's your yoghort, dammit, eat it as you like.

I personally do not use the packets of stuff that come with ramen noodles, 2 glops of hot sause is fine


Anonymous said...

Stirring the stuff just makes it a little more liquid, that's all. I'm not sure of the chemistry behind this, but it does happen. I say, stir gently.

Funny, my phone auto-corrects my name to "rehab"