Wednesday, February 02, 2005

“I’ll give you a winter prediction: it’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be gray, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

The Movie: Groundhog Day, 1993 (Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis, screenwriters; Harold Ramis, dir.)
Who says it: Bill Murray as TV weatherman Phil Connors
The context: Phil seems doomed to repeat the events of Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA, for eternity.
How to use it: Greetings of the season.

Today is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox; it's also Groundhog Day, Candlemas, and the birthday of my pal Rachel Jacobson. Party on, Rachel.

In case you haven't already heard, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow today. Six more weeks of winter... although, as Prince says, sometimes it snows in April. But temperatures here got above freezing yesterday, and the bright sunshine makes me feel a little cocky about getting through the rest of the winter.

Candlemas is another one of those holidays that I could swear used to be a holy day of obligation, but isn't any more. Maybe it was just that the school I attended in first and second grade was run by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and this was a special feast day for them; but I vividly remember grumbling about having to go to church two days in a row, February 2 for Candlemas and February 3 to get our throats blessed.

My church here does the throat blessings, so I'll probably head over there tomorrow. My spiritual beliefs walk a fine line between faith and superstition.

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