Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Mr. Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.”

The Movie: Moonraker, 1979 (Christopher Wood, screenwriter, from a story by Ian Fleming; Lewis Gilbert, dir.)
Who says it: Michael Lonsdale as evil billionaire Hugo Drax
The context: James Bond (Roger Moore) has shown up, once again, to foil Drax’s plans.
How to use it: As a greeting.

Thanks for this quotation to my friend Dan Freedman, writer, performance artist, and chronicler of Dr. Who. Dan sent me an audio file of the line, but I don't know how to upload it to the blog.

I'd thought about saving this line for April 15, but it works equally well for the first day of February, a.k.a. The Month of Doom.

It might just be me -- it probably IS just me -- but doesn't it seem that the worst things always happen in February? Not to say that February doesn't have plenty of good things -- birthdays for my brother James and half a dozen of my friends, wedding anniversaries for my parents and my sister Kathy and her husband Adam.

But I associate February, unfortunately, with bad luck and misery. Terrible weather, short tempers, ridiculous holidays (Groundhog Day? "Presidents' Day"? and we won't even talk about the ulcer on human emotions scheduled for February 14).

I know that if I really plotted out the minor catastrophes of my life, February wouldn't have more than any other month. I just notice them more at this time of year, because I'm expecting them.

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Anna said...

February in Maine is a great month. You think that if you can just get passed February then Spring will be right around the corner. That's part of the mental illness that besets all Mainiacs. Because the truth is that you're nowhere NEAR spring when February is over. So, in your new adopted state, March is the Month of Doom. Winter keeps you in his grips in March and doesn't let go until early April. Each year we forget that and enjoy the false sense of promise that the end of February offers us. So, I continue to impart Northern New England wisdom upon you, Young Ellen Clair. Now get out there and enjoy what will be a fantastic February!