Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Who uses it: Legislators, legislative assistants, and lobbyists
What it means: A meeting of a legislative committee to amend and vote on a bill
How you can use it: When you're making changes to a plan of action.

The sun rose before 5:00 this morning, and so did I. The heat or something Dizzy ate did not agree with him, so we were up and out early, with the contents of Dizzy's stomach. He seems fine now, and it's not quite as hot today as it was yesterday -- the temperature got above 90 yesterday, and I don't have air conditioning.

"Why don't you buy a window unit?" Anna asked the other day.

"I would," I said, "but I just hate the idea of spending 400 bucks for something I'm only going to need three days out of the year."

Of course, on those three days of the year, $400 to be cool seems like a bargain.

Today's post was late because of a very tight deadline, which has now passed successfully. Two more things to do today, and then I can take tomorrow off to go to the beach. Hurray!


sphear said...

I grew up in Maine very near to where you now live. You may not yet know this but there is likely to be many more than a handful of nights that you will be wanting that AC unit.

sphear said...

Um I meant "are likely" and I enjoy reaing your blog.

Anonymous said...

Um you meant "reaDing".