Monday, June 12, 2006


Who uses it: Editors and typesetters
What it means: "Let it stand," an editor's mark that means the writer should ignore an earlier change
How you can use it: When going back to your first version.

The sun is back, thank God, and I might have gotten a little overexuberant with Dizzy. We went for a very long walk, and I had to coax him the last couple of blocks. I've given him a baby aspirin and his glucosamine, and he's sleeping it off now. This afternoon I will finally take the plastic cover off the lawn chair I bought two weeks ago, and do my reading on the deck.

It's a busy week ahead, and I need to spend some of it planning the next few months' travels. I'm not going to Thrillerfest -- where my client Joe Finder will be speaking, so if you're in the Phoenix area you should go -- but I'll be on the road for most of July.

I went ahead and registered for Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention, which happens in Madison at the end of September. Whether I'll actually go depends on many variables, but they allow cancellations until the end of August.

A very happy birthday to Mr. Matt Prager -- and, as he says, we're hot.

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