Monday, June 05, 2006


Who uses it: Brain surgeons
What it means: Cutting a hole in the skull to relieve brain swelling or drain blood accumulated on the brain after a subdural or epidural hematoma.
How you can use it: When offering someone a hole in the head.

Believe it or not, a society of people exists who believe that trepanning can raise consciousness and restore adult brains to child-like levels of awareness and receptivity. They're looking for volunteers to have the surgery, if you don't have anything else planned for your summer vacation.

It's been a frustrating and unproductive morning, except for my tutoring session. It is still raining. The rain is supposed to continue through the end of the week, and if it does, I may have to visit a tanning salon or book a flight to California.

Last night's Sopranos finale was anticlimactic, although it seemed to be setting up a lot for the last eight episodes. I pride myself on giving friends the benefit of the doubt long after most people would write them off. I'm willing to let my pals the Sopranos coast for a little while longer... but if last night doesn't pay off in January, these fictional people are really not my friends any more. I mean it.


Kathleen said...

last night's Soprano's was anticlimactic but in a way also pretty brave. They didn't go for the predictable cliffhanger but so many small things have been set up that are going to be earthquakes in the lives of these friends. Tony is struggling to find some sort of state of grace, Carmela's subconscience is telling her what she already knows about Adrianna's death and her husband's roll in it even as she's finally willing to use his muscle to get her house project going, Christopher is looking into the abyss. The quiet Christmas ending seemed like the last time this group of people will be together like this, quiet and kind of happy. My guess is that the final 8 will be satisfying only to viewers who've stuck with the Sopranos the whole way through. I can't wait!

AnswerGirl said...


>>The quiet Christmas ending seemed like the last time this group of people will be together like this

Yeah, exactly. It was almost the idyllic sort of happy family holiday that "Kevin Finnerty" might have had with his own family-- except that Christopher is back on the pipe, Uncle Junior's dying in a mental hospital, Carmela has put aside the truth about Adriana in exchange for her spec house, and Meadow seems to have deserted the family altogether.

I can't wait for January, either.