Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have Britney, Paris, Lindsay etc. been flashing their private parts on purpose for attention, or is it an honest mistake?

Who's asking: Sheila Cameron, W. Hollywood, CA

At, we are all about the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake. No question too big, no question too small, very little too distasteful.

This one's close, but answering it gives me an opportunity to plug Sheila's latest crusade against inappropriate celebrity behavior. We must all do what we can.

This behavior is deliberate, no question about it. Underpants aren't something you just happen to forget, and going without them is reckless and unsanitary -- not that Britney Spears doesn't have a history of public disregard for sanitation issues.

It's more interesting to speculate on the reasons for these displays. Perhaps they think showing their naughty bits will keep photographers from using the pictures; obviously, that strategy's not working.

But I prefer to think that these three young women, who have almost no formal education among them, are responding to more primal imperatives. Displaying one's genitalia is classic female primate mating behavior; not only does it attract the male of the species, it's also supposed to warn off other, lower-ranking females. It's a jungle out there, and these little monkeys are fighting for dominance the only way they know how.

One more reason to stay in school, kids...

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JIM LAMB said...

Monkeys is the right word.

I am boycotting any TV that is not sports, CNBC, the Hitler channel or local weather. So this is news to me.

What bothers me is that they will encourage young girls who should not go around naked to do so.

Some girls look up to these women and imitate them. Some should wear mother hubbard dresses from Omar. Others don't understand the trouble they are getting into by being so openly provocative.

As for those named women, we already know what they are, we are merely negotiating price and terms.