Monday, December 18, 2006

What are five things people don't know about you?

Who's asking: Tom Ehrenfeld, Cambridge, MA, who has tagged me with this meme

How am I supposed to answer this question? Who are the "people" who supposedly don't know these things? I am far more secretive than anyone suspects, and I'll be damned if I drop any of those secrets here.

However, these are five things that would surprise most people I'm not related to:

1. I never took a college-level English class. I placed out of the two semesters required by the School of Foreign Service, and spent my electives on foreign languages instead.

2. I do an excellent elephant imitation, and will gladly perform on request even when I haven't been drinking. Giving credit where credit is due, I learned the technique from my old friend Ginger Baskett.

3. I'm a fraternal twin with two younger sisters who are identical twins. One of those sisters has fraternal twin boys of her own.

4. A priest once told me I should probably get married, for the good of my soul. That was a good 10 years ago...

5. I was the "contestant" in the pilot episode for the game show that eventually became "100 to 1." The version I did was called "Beat the Crowd," and the host was John Fugelsang, who's much better-looking and more charismatic than Bob Saget.

Rather than tag other bloggers, I invite everyone who visits today to leave their own five surprising facts about themselves in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I suggest listing 5 things and letting the AnswerGirl guess who you are. Maybe she already knew these things about you after all!
Guess who suggested this.

AnswerGirl said...

Sue, you KNOW how I feel about anonymous posts! Anyway, where are your five facts?

That said, it's kind of a cool idea... if anyone wants to play, feel free to put up your five things anonymously.

Anonymous said...

oh it was just a little test (I knew you knew anyway)--you know all there is to know, so no five things here. Obviously, I'm too transparent. But it did seem like a fun idea--I didn't realize until your post for today appeared that this was actually yesterday's post.

Anonymous said...

I'll play;
1) I have recently devoloped a fear of flying
2) I think I am sleep-walking again. Something I haven't done since I was a child
3) Sometimes, (secretly) I wish Billy was still President. I miss the tabloid-like drama.
4)When I am feeling down in the dumps, I buy something.
I did not see this post until today
5)At work, I sometimes feel I am in way over my head; but somehow, someway, I always figure it out.

AnswerGirl said...

Dang, those things are not revealing enough at all. I too miss Bill Clinton, and also sometimes sleepwalk.

Are you 1) Linda Brown, 2) Susan Lamb, or 3) Tod Goldberg himself?

Anonymous said...

None of the above, I am none other than your baby brother James

AnswerGirl said...

Wow -- I should have known from the fear of flying, I remember you mentioning that.

I never knew you felt over your head at work, though!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm allergic to sunscreen, 2. I was born with no eyelashes, 3. I share my birthday with the guy who played Q on Star Trek: TNG, 4. I have a cousin who does the Doctor Who theme music, 5. I suffer from a fear of crowds