Monday, December 04, 2006

What does Dizzy think of snow?

Who's asking: Various people, mainly from southern California

He loves it.

The snow is the only good thing about this morning, which started badly when I stumbled getting out of bed. This has to be a new standard of clumsiness even for me, and set the tone for a morning of minor aggravations.

Aggravation #1: People who misspell my name despite having received items from me that spell my name correctly. It's "Clair," without the e. Yes, it's not the usual spelling. If you consistently misspell it, you are not paying attention and you are being disrespectful, and therefore I feel no obligation to pay attention to you. If you can never remember how I spell it, call me "Ellen" instead. It's one of the reasons I use both names.

Aggravation #2: Anonymous blog commenters. I don't expect you to register for Blogger just so you can comment on my blog. If you're not a member of Blogger, however, I do expect you to sign your posts. I've had a couple of snarky comments lately from total strangers who haven't signed their posts, and from now on, I'm deleting all anonymous comments. My name's on this thing, and if you want to post, yours should be too.

Aggravation #3: The Gardiner town fathers have taken all the trashcans out of the Common, presumably because they fill with snow and are too hard to maintain in the winter. This is not a good solution. I'd contribute to a collection for trashcans with hoods. People don't stop going to the Common in the wintertime, and who wants to pick up a winter's worth of trash once the snow melts?

I think I need to go outside and throw a few snowballs at trees. Feel free to list your own potential snowball targets in the comments section -- as long as you sign your posts...


Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't have any snow to throw. But I do have long list. I will only post a few.
--BestBuy (for many, many reasons)
--My boss; he once sent someone into our fabrication shop to tell me to come see him--I was in Japan at the time.
--Whoever comes up with the GAP jingles
--and people who leave old stained mattresses next to the dumpster in my condo complex
Thank you

Anonymous said...

AWE - He's so cute. Nothing like a happy dog in snow. Sorry you're having a bad day.


AnswerGirl said...

Aw, Regan, now I feel bad... my bad days are so minor... and it definitely helps to have a happy dog around the house!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Dizzy in the snow---Something I do not miss at all. Our trees are turning beautiful colors now and then it is spring!!
As my family is in Utah skiing this week, I am alone and realized your post was my first laugh today. Thanks!

Linda Brown said...

No lids on their trash cans? That's the first complaint I've heard you make about Gardiner... Rants aside (breathe in, breathe out), you have discovered the true reason for having a camera! So you can show us pictures of Dizzy!

Request: email your favorite pic of Diz to the bookstore and we'll put it up, right next to the photo of Victor's new baby. (Do you remember Victor in NY, who called the store to chat -- while he was on his honeymoon in Hawaii?!)


AnswerGirl said...

That is the kind of devotion The Mystery Bookstore likes to see in its customers.

I don't know if I have a _favorite_ picture of Dizzy... I might need to take a few more... where's that Santa hat?

Anonymous said...

Yay Dizzy! So good to see him. He does look happy as a Maine pup but we still miss him in LA. (we still miss you too of course.)


Tom Ehrenfeld said...

Okay, here's what aggravates me: post offices. Why can't they do simple things? Like....staff the counter with more help at the times when the lines are longer? Or install automated postal centers that don't require the user to go ask for help from someone behind the counter? Or set up the windows like a supermarket so that people with shorter visits could actually have one trip to the post office that didn't last longer than a Fassbinder movie (and feel about as comforting)? And, please, what is up with the new US Postal Service CD of Christmas music on sale at the counter? So now they're Starbucks? To quote Charlie Brown, whose tv special's music is on that disc.....Arghhhh!

getalife said...

Dizzy is cute!

AnswerGirl said...

He IS cute. Dizzy is a handsome boy...