Saturday, December 23, 2006

What are the words to the joke version of "Jingle Bells"?

Who's asking: Therese Schulz, Herrsching, Germany

Some traditions need to be preserved and shared across cultures.

Jingle bells, Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost its wheel
And Joker got away!

No, it doesn't make any sense. But neither does "one-horse open sleigh," in today's environment.

The other silly carol that always comes to mind at this time of year is:

We three kings of Orient are
Tried to smoke a rubber cigar
It was loaded, it exploded
Now we're on yonder star...

What other wacky carol lyrics do you remember? Post them in the comments section below, and pass me that eggnog...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, but Therese meant "Jingle bells, Santa smells, Rudolph ran away..." How does that one continue?
Christmas greetings

We also love "happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one, too"

AnswerGirl said...

I don't know that version! Anybody?

Anonymous said...

Found this on the Internet:
"Jingle Bells, Rudolph smells, Santa ran away With the fairy from the Christmas tree, They ran off yesterday hey!"

also this:
"Jingle bells jingle bells
Santa {Claus} is dead
because Rudolph took a 22
and shot him in the head
Oh, Barbie girl barbie girl
tried to save his life.
But Ken from Mexico
stabbed her with a knife."
{thanks to Alexandra, age 13 years}

and 2 variations on your lyrics:
"Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost a wheel
And the joker got away"

"Jingle Bells. Batman Smells.
Robin's flown away.
The batmobile has lost a wheel
and Alfreds eating hay..."


rdb said...

Walt Kellys Comic book (or graphic novle) Pogo had a Lyrics to Deck the Halls. These are from memory and so one or two words may be off

"Bless us all with Boston Charlie
walla walla wash, and Kalamazoo
Nora's freezing on the Trolley
Swallow Walla Califlower
and ally garoo (spelling?)
Don't we know archaic barrels
lullibye, lily boy Lousville Lou
Trolly molly don't like Harold
Bulla bulla pensacola hullabaloo"

These are from memory and so one or two words may be off

rdb said...

On my way back from Reny's I remebered that from Pogo
1) The song is "Deck us all with Boston Charlie" and 2) the fourth line is
Swaller Dollar Cauliflower

I also remembered that Beauregarde (the dog) knew a different version

Bark us all bow-wows of Folly
Polly Wolly Cracker and Tood Aloo
Hunky dory's pop is lolly
Gaggin in the wagon Willy

From The rain and fog of Kennebec County, I would like to say
Bark us all bow-wows of folley and have a great holiday!

AnswerGirl said...

Thanks, Richard! My mom would have remembered those... she loved the Pogo carols.

Merry Christmas to all from a sunny, warm Virginia -- nothing says holidays like a little sunburn!

Anonymous said...

a day or 2 ago
A story i must tell
I went into the snow
And on my back i fell
Then a gent came riding by
In a one horse open sleigh
He laughed as there i sprawling lie
And quickly drove away

Jingle Bells
Batman smells
Rudolph ran away
Santa Claus forgot his briches on the magic sleigh

Jingle Bells
Batman smells
Robin flew away
My uncle Billy sold his w i l l y
For a milky way