Monday, October 06, 2008

I don't know how to prevent post-show letdown.

It's a physiological response, programmed into our genes by our earliest ancestors: after excitement, we sleep and recover. Several years ago, I did some literature research into the relationship between depression and infectious disease, and read a couple of studies that suggested that depression may be part of the body's immune system defenses. As Billy Crystal says in When Harry Met Sally, "One thing about depression is, you get your rest."

The show ended yesterday, and we had about half an hour to clear all of our stuff out of the theater. It's not a good system, and I hope NYMF changes that next year. But I was running all weekend, and excited about seeing visitors from out of town, and nervous about getting everything done ... and now it's Monday morning. I have some work I need to do and some cleaning of my sublet, but the big job of the past five weeks is over.

I could sleep for about a month, I think, but that is not an option. I need to get back to work that pays me and a town that is slightly less expensive than New York City. I'm anxious about everything I've neglected in the past month, and I'm going to miss my friends here and the daily excitement of the big city.

A bad funk is on its way, I fear, and I don't know how to prevent it. Bouchercon, later this week, should postpone it, and maybe if I postpone it long enough, it'll just go away. But suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

You'll feel better once you and Dizzy are together again. Then there's Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to! Have fun at Boucheron!